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Take Your Way Paroles

Take Your Way Paroles/Lyrics

Verse: 1
Tu dois savoir une chose,Seul celui qui ose,Pourra tout braver,Et se réaliser,  se réaliser.J’técoute, je veux savoir, Partir pour de nouveaux territoires Tout ce feu brûle en moi Comme ça brûlait pour toi.Chorus:Time won’t stop OR waitSo push it all the wayWhere ever you goYou’ll get stronger everydayTime won’t stop OR waitJust do it don’t delayAnd I’ll be there for youTo help you take your way.
Verse 2:
J’ai parfois renoncé, Quelque fois regretté Jamais de marche arrière Quand il y a tant a’faire.T’en fais pas je comprends, Même si ça prend du temps,Je doute parfois,Mais j’ai confiance en moi.
Instrumental -Bridge: Time can’t stop OR waitSo push it all the wayWhere ever you goYou’ll get stronger everyday.
Chorus:Time can’t stop OR waitSo push it all the wayWhere ever you goYou’ll get stronger everydayStep don’t fear what’s newJust do it don’t delayAnd I’ll be there for youTo help you take your way.
C part: Du reste je m’en fous,Alors fait ce qu’il faut,Prendre goût a la vieT’a bien comprisTrouver le courage Tout est possible a ton âge C’est mon chemin..  Pas le choix ..
X3Chorus: Time won’t stop OR waitSo push it all the wayWhere ever you goYou’ll get stronger everydayTime won’t stop OR waitJust do it don’t delayAnd I’ll be there for youTo help you take your way.

Take Your Way – Or KosKas
Director: Tomer LevineCinematography: Roi KayzermanEditing and VFX: Tomer LevineColorist: Roi Kayzerman– Strike Productions –
Man: Arale DvirBoy: Elad Koskas
Music: Nate ShavinLyrics/Paroles :Or KosKasProduction & Mix: Nate ShavinMaster: Stivie Salman
Vocal (American): Moti AvrahamVocal (French): Or KosKasGuitar: Or KosKas
Manager: Laurent Dorf
Credits:Nate Shavin, Tomer Levine, Roi Kayzerman, Stivie Salman, Matthew Mordechai Abraham White, Arale Dvir, Elad Koskas, Igal Bog, BB, Laurent Dorf.
Follow Or KosKas at: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/koskasmusicTwitter: https://twitter.com/orkoskas @orkoskas @koskasmusicInstagram: http://instagram.com/koskasorTumblr: https://www.tumblr.com/search/koskas+music
Official Web Site: koskasmusic.com

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Interview with Or KosKas (English version)

Or KosKas has two loves, Jerusalem and Paris, two cities of light.
In the one he draws aspirations for peace, in the other the melodious sounds of Molièrre's language.

Born in Jerusalem to French parents, he grew up to the sounds of classical music, a paternal great passion, and various common English, American, French pop and of course Israeli songs. "At home, music was always in the air. I knew by heart the Beatles, Cat Stevens and I got inspired listening to Pink Floyd. My greatest inspiration was Michael Jackson, which in my opinion was a musical genius - the Mozart of modern times." However Or felt more of being himself with French songs; he listened to Goldman, Berger, Cabrel, Dion and Sanson or Aznavour and Piaf ...

Today Or is a musician and singer-songwriter. As guitarist and pianist, he surrounds himself with the best musicians.

"Music is my life! I do not exaggerate in saying that it is the food of the soul or the language of the Gods ... As far as I can remember, it has been more than essential to me. "
KosKas started his musical studies, still as a child, in a conservatory of music - the Academy of Music in Jerusalem. His main education is in classical guitar and he won his first competition at the age of twelve interpreting Bach and Villa-Lobos.

In 2008, his destiny crosses that of the musician Nate Shavin. A project from their friendship and their talent takes shape: they wrote out a French album including music influence from baroque to modern electronic sounds. KosKas writes, composes his own songs and at the same time interprets the results of Shavin`s work. Their first three songs are born: "Pourquoi Pas ?" a remarkable message of peace; their Franco-British duo "Attention au Coeur", a rap that warns against the crazy rhythm of our society; and finally "L'élixir", singing for an escape to a better world.

Following this unique cooperation, KosKas writes "Les Images" with his saxophonist Benny and "Caprices de la nature". He has just completed the love song "Nuit des Temps" and in that talks about his great love, so beautiful, but that – in his own words -   “belongs to the past". He would say no more, only his troubled smile betrays his emotion.

These hits were broadcasted on various French and Israeli channels. In addition to his private and public recitals, KosKas participated to the Radio FM88 Festival . In front of thousands of people he performed at Palais Des Congres of Paris in December of 2013 and, during the next tour that took place in March of 2014, he did the support act for Idan Raichel’s project at “La Cigale” also in Paris.

The last few months have been more than productive for Or, who among the rest managed to also release his first personal album with the title ”Trois mots tout bas “. The album contains eight songs (both in Hebrew and French) and he  is already working on the rest of the songs that will complete this work.

"Scene is a source of energy for me. I need to give that to the public, a taste of what I feel. As a child, during my concerts I felt this fabulous emotion that unites an artist to his audience- this is simply what I think of when saying the word happiness. "

For more details: his Facebook page or koskasmusic.com.

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 With all of the different kinds of music available to us each and every day, it is easy to become mixed up and unwillingly mistake some music for something other than what it really is. Lets see we have Hard Rock, Heavy Metal, Soft Rock, Soul, R & B, Country, Classic Rock, Jazz, Latin, Alternative, Folk, Hip Hop, Rap, Dance, Big Band, Polka, the list goes on and on, but we cannot forget about Pop ?Music.
?So, what does it really mean

while its own specific type of music, generally combines several elements of music, which might include country, dance, hip, hop, and rock. Soft rock and pop music are two of the most used words used to describe this genre of music. It can be traced throughout history dating back 76 years or more. Some of the earliest influences of pop can be linked to country and blues. In the 50s, some of its musics most famous influences include Bill Haley and His Comets, Peggy Lee, Elvis Presley, Bobby Darin, and Frank Sinatra. 

You get a good idea where this is going; pop is generally a softer side of rock. A mixture of many elements all combined to create the easy listening of pop music. In the 60s, some artists include Frankie Avalon, Bob Dylan, Marvin Gaye, Sonny and Cher, Aretha Franklin, and the Beatles.

The 70s saw disco and rock combine in this decade, which included several favorites such as Earth, Wind, and Fire, The Jackson Five, Rod Steward, ABBA, Donna Summer, Elton John, and Billy Joel.

As you can see, pop music continued to grow in different ways with different artists becoming one of the most sought after genres of music to date. Of course the 80s were no different, this decade produced the King and Queen of Pop, known as Michael Jackson and Madonna. Of course they werent the only people to define pop music in the 80s others include George Michael, Cyndi Lauper, Tiffany, Cher, Phil Collins, The Eurythmics, and The Go-Gos.

During the 90s, pop began to combine the elements of R&B to the genre, which produced stars such as TLC, Celine Dion, Mariah Carey, and Brandy. However, the rock influence still remained with vocalists such as Jewel, Nirvana, Eric Clapton, Tori Amos and the ever flexible Madonna. Of course we cant forget about 90s favortes such as NSYNC, Ricky Martin, New Kids on the Block, Willa Ford, and Britney Spears.

The current decade has seen pop music combined with hip-hop elements, which produced a score of new talent and the resurfacing of older talent. Some artists include Justin Timberlake, Nelly, Avril Lavigne, Eminem, more Britney Spears, Beyonce, and we cannot forget old favorites Madonna and Mariah Carey. 

Throughout the years pop music has changed in many facets, however, one thing remains the same; it is still the most popular genre of music to date, a fact that has remained solid and true for many decades.

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